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Tuesday,October 25,2016



Android & Enterprise Mobility

This session introduces Enterprise Mobility, and all that needs to be done to mobilize the enterprise infrastructure. Also learn the Android OS in a nutshell and its enterprise ready features that can be used to build upon or utilize in enterprise apps. Learn the Dos and Don'ts of enterprise app development for mobiles including the best practices. In this session recorded at Mobile Developer Summit 2011, Avinash Birnale about how you can write apps for Android and other mobile platforms to provide a truly integrated and unique user experience to enterprise users.

Avinash has more than a decade of experience working on various mobile technologies. Avinash, AB as everyone knows him, has worked on almost every mobile operating system in existence today. He first laid his hands on black and white Palm PDAs when connectivity was rare! He has successfully developed applications for many fortune 500 customers. At the time of speaking at MDS 2011, Avinash was Vice President Technology in India and Head of Mobility in USA, at Endeavour Technologies.

About Mobile Developer Summit

Mobile Developer Summit is the industry's first of-its-kind premier event that brings together thought leaders and experts from different aspects of the mobile ecosystem to share their passion, experience, grit and learning to mobile/web application developers and technologists, allowing for creative solutions to be generated, insider information to be found and personal contacts to be made, all essential ingredients to innovation and business. With over a 2000 serious and qualified attendees, the best of independent voices and industry expert speakers, the MDS agenda is unparalleled. The 2012 edition will find immediate resonance with mobile developers, software developers, mobile application developers, startups/entreprenuers, investors, mobile carriers, device manufacturers, mobile UI designers, web application developers, game developers, alpha males, digivores, geeks and anyone with an interest in building applications for the various mobile platforms. You will learn new strategies and technologies ushering in even greater and exciting times for developers in 2012 and beyond, meet with the industry players and learn more about their offerings, provide them 1-1 feedback and build solid partnerships. For more detail, please visit the summit home: www.mobiledevelopersummit.com

Smartphone for Everyone

The cell phone has evolved a long way from being a bearer of voice to being a sophisticated platform to deliver magical applications to the user. This new definition of the phone requires a new thought in how we craft and how we interplay with thousands of applications that ride on it. Powerful engineering, Simplicity of use and Ease of deployment, are the key drivers to make smartphones ubiquitous. Smartphones need to address that application which each user can relate and benefit in his or her own way. This keynote will delve on an approach to attend to this need.

Accessing Web Services From iPhone and iPad Applications

Many successful iPhone applications draw their power from online systems. Social networks like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and online services such as newspapers, stock information or weather sites offer iPhone applications that interact with their existing infrastructure in different ways. In this talk you will learn how to leverage the power of your server-side API, whether it is based on REST or SOAP architectures, and you will get an insight into knowing the best approaches in terms of choice of data formats, costs of implementation, performance, and bandwidth consumption.

Web and server-side API developers interested in offering iPhone or iPad clients to their online services. Experienced iPhone and iPad programmers interested in using networking libraries to access remote data from their applications.

Tips & Tricks for Squeezing Performance from Entity Framework

ADO.NET Entity Framework can cut down your development time but if you don't know what you're going to pay a performance price at runtime. There are a host of design time and run time patterns you can follow to make your Entity Framework based applications run significantly faster not only when interacting with the database, but also when working with in-memory entities. In this session we'll look at the performance traps that many developers unknowingly fall into then learn the tricks you need to know to get the best performance you can from Entity Framework whether you are working locally, in the cloud or a combination of both. Speaker - Julie Lerman

jQuery at Work: A Beginner's Guide

You've seen lots of articles and web sites about jQuery, and it looks promising. You'd like to try jQuery on your next web project, but you have questions: Where do I start? Where does jQuery fit in my web application? How will jQuery improve my web application? Where does jQuery fit architecturally? What about AJAX? This presentation provides an overview of jQuery and covers: jQuery / JavaScript Basics jQuery Intro Unobtrusive JavaScript Just Enough CSS - Selectors Selecting and Manipulating Elements Event Handlers Using AJAX XML JSON Adding sizzle with jQuery UI Sliders Progress Bars Date Pickers Useful jQuery plug-ins Tooltips jGrowl Sortable tables We'll walk through practical examples using jQuery, core JavaScript, and CSS. Attendees will learn how to leverage jQuery to reduce the amount of code in their web applications, and develop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Speaker- Tom Marrs

Unleashing a more Beautiful Web

As amazing as the web is, its potential is immeasurably greater. Internet Explorer has been designed to let that potential shine through. Web developers & designers alike, get ready for creating a more beautiful web using HTML5 and Internet Explorer! And we even have a surprise for you :-) Speaker - Harish Vaidyanathan

Is NoSQL The Future of Data Storage?

The relational database model was designed to solve the problems of yesterday’s data storage requirements. The massively connected world of today presents different problems and new challenges. We’ll explore the NoSQL philosophy, before comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of the relational model versus the NoSQL model. While stepping through real-world scenarios, we’ll discuss the reasons for choosing one solution over the other. To complete this session, let’s demonstrate our findings with an application written with a NoSQL storage layer and explain the advantages that accrue from that decision. By taking a look at the new challenges we face with our data storage needs, we’ll examine why the principles behind NoSQL make it a better candidate as a solution, than yesterday’s relational model Speaker - Gary Short

Decision Making in Software Teams

Alistair Cockburn has described software development as a game in which we choose among three moves: invent, decide, and communicate. Most of our time at technology conferences is spent learning how to be better at inventing. Beyond that, we understand the importance of good communication, and take steps to improve in that capacity. Rarely, however, do we acknowledge the role of decision making in the life of software teams, what can cause it to go wrong, and how to improve it. In this talk, we will explore decision making pathologies and their remedies in individual, team, and organizational dimensions. We'll consider how our own cognitive limitations can lead us to to make bad decisions as individuals, and what we might do to compensate for those personal weaknesses. We'll learn how a team can fall into decision-making dysfunction, and what techniques a leader might employ to healthy functioning to an afflicted group. We'll also look at how organizational structure and culture can discourage quality decision making, and what leaders to swim against the tide. Software teams spend a great deal of time making decisions that place enormous amounts of capital on the line. Team members and leaders owe it to themselves to learn how to make them well. Speaker - Tim Berglund

"HTML5": More Than HTML5

HTML5 is the future of the Web. Join this session to know more about the behind the scenes of this specification. Get an overview of the new features from HTML5, CSS3, SVG, DOM, ECMA Script specifications. Understand better what the open challenges are and where HTML5 is leading to in the future. Speaker - Harish Vaidyanathan

Interview with Sunil Rao, Head of Nokia Developer, India

Sunil Rao is Head of Nokia Developer, India. He is responsible for evangelizing new technology platforms, strategy and growth opportunities with Nokia's third party developers to create a vibrant Nokia ecosystem. Sunil was heading the ecosystem development for Symbian Software that was acquired by Nokia in 2008. Sunil's areas of expertise are mobile, BFSI and logistics verticals as well as mobile consumer experiences and smartphone lifestyles. Sunil speaks about latest trends in mobile consumer experiences, the new Symbian Belle, the latest on Nokia's battle to retain its community of developers, how its Windows-based smartphone creates a better experience for the user, the current status of Forum Nokia Champions and the latest on Nokia’s strategy, ‘Internet for the Next Billion’.

Value for Money System Integration is Telecaís Strategy

Teleca is a supplier of software services for all industries where mobile and wireless solutions are used. The company offers world class operations and execution capability, both on-site and offshore. Teleca aims to help the industry offer users great mobile experiences using turnkey, cost effective solutions with faster time to market. It is increasingly using Open Source Software components and software created by its strategic partner network to make our offerings even more comprehensive.

Santosh Xavier, Head of Delivery at Teleca India spoke to Saltmarch Media of how Teleca aims to set global standards for its operations in India and be a true system integrator. He speaks about firsts -- setting up a concept center with  multimedia and 3D technology to showcasing a connected home to customers and porting Android onto the CDMA platform. Santosh details how Teleca is setting itself apart from competitors in India like Sasken, Wipro, L&T and Aricent by offering true system integration. He also puts on his futuristic hat and holds forth on the latest market trends for mobile devices based on Linux platforms.



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